Volunteer Application

Hands up to volunteer!Volunteers are a vital part of every non-profit organization and this photo reunification project is no exception. We are in need of both short-term and long-term volunteers. And we do mean long-term. 3 years after the disaster that kicked this off (Joplin 2011 tornado), we have only returned slightly more than half of the tens of thousands of photos that were found. This is not a quick effort that will be finished in a few months. If you have what it takes, then we would love to have your help! It makes a difference to some of the survivors that last for generations.

General Volunteer Application

We are looking for volunteers to help with National Disaster Photo Rescue's identified photo rescue and reunification projects. Most volunteers need to be local, or at least planning a local volunteer trip. We can take a few long-distance volunteers to help with some aspects on the tech and/or social media sides. Please complete the form below so that we may be in contact with you as we get plans in place.
  • Days of the week, and approximate times of day, and include if this is limited to a certain month or other time frame.
  • How much time are you are wanting to put into this? And are you planning to be a long-term or short-term volunteer? Please include any details as relevant.
  • We do not do photo restoration nor are we looking for anyone to do so. This is a service that is outside the scope of our organization.
  • If you are volunteering under the name of your business, church or other organization, please include this information.

We will respond as soon as possible. If you have an urgent need, feel free to contact us directly after filling out this form.

Please share this page and increase the effort to help disaster survivors find their lost photos!!