Lost Photos of Joplin Photo Reunification Event – May 17

Lost photo of JoplinNational Disaster Photo Rescue and The Joplin Museum Complex are holding a public viewing and photo reunification event  for the ‘Lost Photos of Joplin’ project.  This official event will be at the Joplin Museum Complex, May 17, 2014, 10am – 1pm, in the Museum Complex located at 504 S. Schifferdecker.

The ‘Lost Photos of Joplin’ photos will be available for public viewing at the event. Those wishing to make claims on photographs and documents can do so during the event hours of 10am-1pm at the Joplin Museum Complex.

The photos on display were found both locally and at great distances following the May 22, 2011 Joplin tornado and handed over to the Lost Photos of Joplin project. Photos were cleaned, marked, scanned and stored in hopes of reuniting storm survivors and their loved ones with their lost memories.

Family Reunification will occur at this event. Families wishing to claim personal memories, can come to view all photos remaining at this event. Families wishing to identify memories before the event may do so at our website Joplin.NationalDisasterPhotoRescue.org or on Facebook at: Facebook.com/LostPhotosofJoplin.

Joplin Museum Complex staff will be assisted by NDPR reunification staff for the event.

The Physical Photos and Documents will remain at the museum after the event. N.D.P.R. will continue to assist the Joplin Museum in cyber-maintenance and reunification. Future claims will continue to be made on the Joplin Lost Photos website and our Facebook page.



The National Disaster Photo Rescue formed because of the May 22, 2011  Joplin, Missouri tornado and is a ministry of the First Baptist Church of Carthage, Missouri. The ‘Lost Photos of Joplin’ project has shown the need for families to reunite with Lost Memories. The National Disaster Photo Rescue will be there, in the future, to help other communities learn through our community how to “Return lost Memories worth a Thousand Words”.